The Roving ChessNuts, founded

in 2001, teaches chess in schools,

community halls, and its own training facilities in Edmonton and other Alberta communities.

The ChessNuts also organize chess tournaments and events .

The Roving ChessNuts are

involved with the national

Chess'n Math Association ratings

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 Chess Instructors

Chess Supervisors

Roving ChessNuts has a growing number of opportunities to teach chess or supervise children with chess games.  Supervisors must be good chess players and able to supervise younger children as they learn legal moves and how to checkmate. Perfect well-paid parttime work for retired teachers and university students having noon hours and after school availability or weekday evenings.

Apply with resume or e-mail for further information:

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Roving ChessNuts News & Notices

Our Mission
To aid and improve the development of logical and strategic thinking skills in Alberta's youth.
Why Chess?
Chess is a game of perfect information, nothing happens due to luck or random chance. The player is presented with all the information they need to make a decision. Every move the player must process the information they are given in a logical manner and come up with the most strategic solution to the problem. Often times this requires planning many moves in advance.

A single game of chess is comparable to solving dozens or even hundreds of logical problems. Repeated training of the brain in solving logical problems aids students in their real life problem-solving and planning skills. Not only does chess have these educational benefits, it is also a fun and competitive game which keeps students engaged and eager to learn.

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Results and Photos of this event are in November 10 Chess Teasers

which have been e-mailed to many students; and hard copies will

be given out in classes operating this week

Santa's Scholastic Chess Tournament Players List and updates

First players to enter:  Terri Li, Dana Lee, Kyle Tang,  Henry Jung, Aiden Lee, Torres Li

Deadline to enter will be Friday, December 6, or as soon as 60 prepaid entries are received.

Higher rated players above Chess'n Math rating of 800:  Entering early may help to increase

the cash prize fund and also expand cash prizes to more than the first three sections of play.

​​The Roving ChessNuts

Puzzles are a great way to improve chess skills, plus they make you think and challenge you!

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Chess Lessons for Children in Edmonton

Learn Chess... Play Chess!

FREE Evaluations of new players for proper placement
in classes, camps and tournaments are held at
The Roving ChessNuts headquarters at 12019 - 76 Street

Appointments must be made.

Saturday afternoons and Sundays when no tournament  is occurring

are usually available; evaluation usually takes up to one hour

Phone 780-474-2318 or e-mail rovingchessnuts@

for a list of possible evaluation times

Chess Teasers Newsletters

October 14 Thanksgiving Issue  - Turkey Trot to Chess photos & Results

October 21 2 pages- Reminder for November 3 tournament

November 10 Newsletter- Results & photos of Roberts Memorial event

Congratulations to Roving ChessNuts

Remembrance Commando Chess Camps Trophy winners:

CHESS: Platoon A Winner: Jarek Walker  Platoon B Winner: Kieran Gow-Escudero

FITNESS: Platoon Big: Matteo Schlack  Platoon Small: Aiden Tong

Overall Chess & Fitness Winner:  Jarek Walker 

Congratulations, Meyonohk Elementary

for winning the Richard Roberts Memorial Tournament's

School Team Sub-Event

First - Meyonohk with 8.5 points

Second -  George P. Nicholson School - 8.0

Third - Stratford Elementary - 6.5

Fourth - Windsor Park Elementary - 5.0

More details in the November 10 newsletter

Reminder to Parents:

When e-mailing for registration forms or other inquiries about classes, evaluations, school programs or tournaments, please always include the involved student/player's full name, name of school or class, and school grade.  We have hundreds of children involved and are being contacted daily by new ones.   Thank you!