​​The Roving ChessNuts


- $15 a week

- Length of Semester: 8 Weeks (no / few classes last week of July)

- Second student from same family receives 40% discount

- Price reduced if starting after semester begins or if your family has a vacation planned and will miss any weeks.

Payments can be made by:


Credit Card 

Payment instructions will be handled upon confirming your registration by email.

Not sure if online learning will work for your family?

Before joining our program we offer a free evaluation where you can meet privately with the instructor on zoom for 20 - 30 minutes.

If you're still not sure come try out a couple classes before committing to anything.

To Register:Fill out the form below. Previous students can register by emailing their instructor directly.

Message From Instructor Derek Thomas

Before switching to online classes in 2020, I taught chess in schools and community halls in Alberta for nearly a decade. 

I can confidently state that in regards to student's chess progress, online classes are superior to in person learning.

For a similar price as a single in person class we can now deliver more than 10 learning experiences each week. Lessons are of higher quality with fewer distractions. Additionally, the tools available through Lichess allow me to review every move made by students and incorporate direct feedback from their positions into the lessons. 

Students also enjoy the online lessons and families find the lack of travel convenient. 90% of students who signed up for our spring 2020 classes continued with classes during the summer.

If you are considering learning chess or returning to your chess studies I highly encourage you to give online learning a try.

Since April 2020 all Roving ChessNuts instruction has been offered online.

Online chess classes have produced great results for students, see message from instructor below for more information.

Lessons are conducted using Zoom. Students will need to create a free lichess.org account to order to participate in class. 

Summer 2021 Class Schedule

Classes Start Monday June 28

Semester Finishes Sunday August 29

How the Program Works

Each week students will be invited to at least 10 learning opportunities. Families pay a flat price of $15 a week and students are able to attend as many of the events as they wish and are able to.

Students are encouraged to attend at least 2 classes each week. 

Classes / Events Offered:

- Lectures (invitations to lectures will indicate the recommended skill level of attendees)

- Swiss Tournaments with game analysis between games

- Videos combined with interactive lessons that can completed at any time

- Arena Tournaments with live game analysis

- Simultaneous exhibitions

- Puzzle solving events and competitions

What time are the events held?

Most events last 30 - 90 minutes

- Most weekday evenings will have multiple events between the hours of 4:00 PM and 8:00 PM  

- Weekends will have multiple events each day between the hours of 11:00 AM and 8:00 PM 

Families will receive the links to all of the events at least 5 days in advance so they can choose which events they will attend ahead of time.

Learn Chess... Play Chess!