Sunday 4:00

Standard Class - All Welcome

This class can also function as a block 2 pick.

Monday 6:30

Standard Class - All Welcome

Tuesday 5:15 

Standard Class - All Welcome

Tuesday 6:30

Beginner Friendly 

Wednesday 5:15

Advanced Class - Longer Lectures

Not sure if online learning will work for your family?

No payment is collected until after your child has attended 2 classes. 

We are very confident in our program, so come try it out without commiting to anything!

To Register:Fill out the form below. Previous students can register by emailing their instructor directly.

Bonus Events

Class registration includes bonus lectures emailed in video form as well as frequent tournaments on ChessKid with live commentary.

Tournaments commonly held at 1:00 Sunday but various other times will also be offered.

Class Schedule

Choose one class from Block 1 and one class from Block 2

Block 1 

Since April 2020 all Roving ChessNuts instruction has been offered online.

Online chess classes have produced great results for students, see message from instructor below for more information.

Online classes meet twice a week in addition to bonus events and videos. A typical class consists of a 10 - 20 minute long lecture followed by a serious game against fellow students. After their game students can participate in additional practice games, challenge the instructor, watch live game commentary or have their games reviewed. Students should stay for at least 40 minutes but the instructor will often keep class going for longer.

Lessons are conducted using Zoom. Upon registration students are given a account and gold membership ($50 USD value). ChessKid is used to challenge class members to chess games, allow the instructor to analyze the student's moves and provides access to a large amount of learning material outside of class. 

Classes Start Monday September 14

Thursday 5:15

Standard Class - All Welcome

Thursday 6:30

Standard Class - All Welcome

Friday 4:15

Advanced Class- Longer Lectures

Saturday 1:00

Standard Class - All Welcome

*Classes are subject to change depending on enrollment numbers.

Learn Chess... Play Chess!

Block 2

​​The Roving ChessNuts


- $7.50 per class ($15 a week)

- Minimum registration period: 8 weeks (or until end of semester)

- Current semester finishes: December 18, 2020

- Second student from same family receives 40% discount

Payments can be made by:


Credit Card

Payment instructions will be handled upon confirming your registration by email.

Message From Instructor Derek Thomas

Before switching to online classes in 2020, I taught chess in schools and community halls in Alberta for nearly a decade. 

I can confidently state that in regards to student's chess progress, online classes are superior to in person learning.

For a similar price as a single in person class we can now deliver up to 4 learning experiences each week. Lessons are of higher quality with fewer distractions. Additionally, the tools available through ChessKid allow me to review every move made by students and incorporate direct feedback from their positions into the lessons. 

Students also enjoy the online lessons and families find the lack of travel convenient. 90% of students who signed up for our spring 2020 classes continued with classes during the summer. The vast majority of students are choosing to stay past the required 40 minutes of class and attend the optional bonus events.

If you are considering learning chess or returning to your chess studies I highly encourage you to give online learning a try.