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Each school year, the Roving ChessNuts are involved with over 500 students in school programs and various classes outside of schools.  The ChessNuts also organize and direct over 100 Chess'n Math-rated tournaments which are either open to all scholastic players or are connected with school programs or classes.

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Our Mission

To aid and improve the development of logical and strategic thinking skills in Alberta's youth.

Why Chess?

Chess is a game of perfect information, nothing happens due to luck or random chance. The player is presented with all the information they need to make a perfect decision. Every move the player must process the information they are given in a logical manner and come up with the most strategic solution to the problem they are faced with. Often times this requires planning many moves in advance. A single game of chess is comparable to solving dozens or even hundreds of logical problems. Repeated training of the brain in solving logical problems aids students in their real life problem solving and planning skills. Not only does chess have these educational benefits, it is also a fun and competitive game which keeps students engaged and eager to learn.

​​The Roving ChessNuts

​​​Since 2001, The Roving ChessNuts have taught tournament chess in scores of schools in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park and the capital region. Our primary goal is to aid students in developing their logical and strategic thinking skills, using chess as a teaching aid. Thousands of students from Grades 1 through 12 have learned chess from the Roving ChessNuts and received its educational benefits.  While the majority of school programs do occur in elementary schools, we have also held classes in both junior and senior high schools.  We are an approved vendor for Edmonton Public Schools and our instructors are police-checked.  We also carry $5 million in liability insurance.

In conjunction with the instructional school programs, the Roving ChessNuts hosts tournaments, camps and school team matches that all students of any level are invited to.
School programs require the school to only provide an appropriate quiet place with adequate chess playing tables, and communications with students and parents.  Instructional fees are usually paid entirely by parents, although in some cases schools will subsidize or hire instructors for specific classes or even entire grade levels.  Regular programs usually operate during a lunch period or right after school.  The after-school programs range from a 60-90 minutes in length, while the lunch period programs go for the duration of the school's lunch hour.
A typical school class consists of an opening lecture usually involving a chess demonstration board or computer-generated teaching aids can be used.  Then there are practice exercises, followed by a serious game rated by the national Chess'n Math Association.  The class may wrap up with an analysis of a game played in the class or a review of chess topics.  Homework or tip sheets are often handed out, along with announcements about upcoming chess tournament and activities.
Schools, libraries and community service/recreation departments across Alberta can also arrange Chess Exposure Workshops. An instructor will typically spend a day visiting one or more schools in the area, hold an evening workshop for all ages, and then hold a rated tournament the next morning.  Such events have been held in many rural towns and cities throughout the province.
If you are a parent, teacher or administrator interested in getting chess into your school or community, please contact us.   rovingchessnuts@shaw.ca  780-474-2318.

Professional Chess Instruction Programs

for Schools in Edmonton Area

2017/18 school year:  We currently have limited openings for after- school, lunch-hour and before school programs. If you are interested in chess at your school please contact us as soon as possible as these spots fill up fast. Call Bruce Thomas, 780-474-2318 or e-mail:

rovingchessnuts@shaw.ca to get your school involved in the benefits of scholastic chess!

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