Mother's Day Flower Scholastic Chess Tournament in Edmonton

12 sections of players battled over the boards with all getting a carnation to take home to Mom, plus many also went home with flower pots, boxes and bars of chocolate awarded as draw prizes. First place in each section won a trophy while medals were awarded to all other players in each section.  Two sections had three-way ties for first place, so three trophies awarded in those sections.

Section A 1. Sam Hoekman, 3.0; 2 Alex Wang, 2.0; 3. Andrew Xiao, 1.0; 4. Garrick Johnson.

Section B  1. Pascal LaCroix, 3.0; 2.Shreyas Prasanna, 2.0; Eric Jin, 1.0; 4. Tetyana Shelevach

Section C  1. Max Pankewitz, 3.0; 2. on tiebreak Anu Purevjamts, 2.5; 3. Pranav Karthikeyanm 1.5; 4. Terry Li

Section D  1. Elon Wang, 3.0; Michelle Enkhtaivan, 2.0; 3.0 Ethan Powney, 1.0; Caleb Menard

Section D#2  1 Toby Li, 3.0; 2. Ryan Chen, 2.0; 3. Armaan Patel, 1.0; 4. Connor Dong

Section E  Three-Way Tie for 1. Dana Lee, Daniel Xie and Brianna Dayman, 3.0 each; 3. Leo Wang

Section F  1. Artie Murallidaran, 3.0; 2. Caleb Casorso, 3. Matei Lupu, 1.0; 4. Patrick Wang

Section G  Three-way Tie for 1. Vanessa Rodriguez, Ben Zhu and Zidong Liu, 2.0 each; 4. Oscar Kossey

Section H  1. Kai Riley, 4.0; 2. Alex Qu, 3.5; Tied for 3. Frank Xia and William Gao, 2.5 each; 5. Vincent Wang, 2.0; 6. Evan Wu, 0.5

Section J  1. Jerry Nie, 2.5; 2. Aiden Lee, 2.0; Tushar Kalia, 1.5; 4. Aidan Kelland

Section K  1. on tiebreak Tobias Poulsen, 3.0; 2. Jay Lee, 2.0; 3. Owen Pankewitz, 1.5; 4.Liam Cerbas, 0.5

Section L  1. on tiebreak Scott Tang, 3.5; 2. Dylan Xie, 2.5; 3. Vihaan Patel, 1.0; Nathan York.

This event was organized by The Roving ChessNuts and directed by Bruce Thomas, Derek Thomas and Prayus Shrestha, assisted by Patricia Thomas and Michelle Casorso.  Thanks, too, to the players and parents who helped with set-up and take-down.  Over a dozen draw prizes were awarded, most to share with Moms, the rest related to chess.  Congratulations to all players for taking part and for showing good sportsmanship.  

There were plenty of battles on chess boards before the almost three dozen players started attacking the hotdogs and snacks in an end of the school scholastic chess tournament held by The Roving ChessNuts Sunday afternoon at Greenfield Hall.  Results of the eight sections of play were:

Section A:  1. Andrew Xiao, 3.0; 2. Shreyas Prasanna,, 2.0; 3. Nishan Abulike, 1.0; 4. Eric Jin.

Section B:  1, Jason Pan on tiebreak, 3.5; 2. Anu Purevjamts, 2.5; 3. Trustan Leeuw, 1.0; 4. Michelle Enkhtaivan, 

Section C:  1. Jaden Kennedy, 2.5; 2. Caleb Menard, 2.0;  3. Daniel Xie, 1.0; 4. Artie Murallidaran, 0.5.

Section D:  1. Connor Dong, 3.0; 2. Caleb Casorso, 2.0; 3. Scott Tang, 1.0; 4. Patrick Wang.

Section E:  1. Devin MacDougall, 3.0; 2. William Gao, 1.5; 3. Andrew Wang, 1.0; 4. Jerry Nie, 0.5.

Section F:  1. Jerry Qui, 4.0; 2. Glenn Bi, 3.0; 3. Liam Cerbas, 2.0; Tied Jay Lee,and Daniel Wang, 0.5 each.

Section G:  1. Oscar Kossy, 4.0; 2. Dylan Xie, 3.0; 3. Alex O'Keefe, 1.5; 4. Darshan Kumpula, 1.0; 5. Connor Guo, 0.5.

Section H:  1. Yashar Abulike, 4.0; 2. Asha Kumpula, 2.0; Tied 1.5 each  Cashious Jama, Lucas O'Keefe; 5. Miles Zacharko, 1.0.


To withdraw from an event in which you are listed as a participant, you must email: at least six hours before sign-in time or call 780-474-2318.

After that call or text 780-554-7280.

For tournaments, you are expected to arrive at the playing site 15 minutes prior to scheduled starting time.  If you are going to be later than starting time, you should phone 780-554-7280 to say you will be late and at approximately what time you will arrive.  If your arrival time will be within 15 minutes after the start of your particular playing session, you may still play in the first round but you may have lost time on your clock.

Failure of registered players to withdraw from a tournament as listed above could mean a forfeit of one or more games and affect your rating. Such failure also is unfair to players who were expecting to compete against you.


Pre-September 2016 Tournaments

and other activities continued:

Chess & Chocolate Madness Tournament  (February 7, 2016):
Section A swiss Jr./Sr. High:  Tied for 1st & 2nd: Matthew Zita and Karlos Gasparac;Tied for 3rd & 4th: Carla Robitu and Reuben Miller; Tied for 5th & 6th: Olga Cadenillas and Leon Kalashnikov; Tied for 7th, 8th & 9: Andrey Kovac, Marko Stefanov and Amandeep Gehlan; 10th: Imtisam Kamaldin-Suleiman.
Section B:  1. Andi Superceanu, 2; Julian Lau; 3. Mark Ivanescu, 4. Ron Offengenden.
Section C   Tied: Daniel Zhang, Adrian Kovac and Brendan Tan; 4. Steven Walter.
Section D:  1. Dustin Zhang; 2. Alexander Tan; 3. Nathan Thunder; Tied 4 & 5:  Garrick Johnson and Justin Ge; 6. James Windram.
Section E:  1. Aaron Zhu; 2. Aywen Ko; Tied for 3rd: Connor Mudry, Lavanya Jain and Noah Mok; 6. George Ni.
Section F:  1. Aike Siraki; 2. Devin MacDougall; 3. Aedan Lobo;Tied 4 & 5:  Darren Tso and Toby Li.
Section G:  1. Zachary Pongar; 2. David Penner; Tied 3 & 4: Liam Miller, and Paulo Viloria.
Novice Girls-Only:  1. Michelle Enkhtaivan; 2. Jasmyn Lobo; 3. Cynthia Ni; 4. Syenne Ko; 5. Isabella Gilchrist.
 Directors: Derek Thomas, Bruce Thomas
Thanks to the parents who assisted and for supporting their children's chess endeavors!

New Year's Open Scholastic Tournament Results (January 17, 2016): 
Section A:  1. Karlo Gasparac. 2.5; 2. Andi Superceanu, 2.0; 3. Matthew Zita, 1.5
Section B:  1. Ron Offengenden, 3.0; Brendan Tan, 2.0; 3. Adrian Kovac, 1.0;  4. Daniel Zhang, 0.0
Section C:  1. Dustin Zhang, 4.0; 2. Steven Walter, 3.5; 3. Alexander Tan, 3.0; 4. James Windram, 2.5;  5. Andrey Kovac, 1.5;

6. Justin Ge, 0.5

Section D:   1. Nathan Thunder, 4.0; 2 to 4 tied at 3.0 each: Eric Jin, Huatong Zhang and  Lavanya Jain; 5. Prisha Shrestha, 2.0; 

6. Shivalikaa Govind, 0.0
Section E:   1. Noah Mok, 3.0; 2. Michelle Enkhtaivan, 2.5  3. Veselin Panayotov, 1.5;  4. Aswath Govind, 0.0
Draw prizes of chess books and chocolates won by Alexander Tan, James Windram, Huatong Zhang, Daniel Zhang, Dustin Zhang.
Tournament directed by Bruce Thomas and Derek Thomas
Thank you to Edmonton Chess Club for use of club venue

Upcoming and Past Results

Learn Chess... Play Chess!

​​The Roving ChessNuts

 2015 Scholastic Christmas Chess Tournament - Sunday, December 20


Section A:  Matthew Zita, Karlo Gasparac, and Andi Superceanu tied with 2 points each and split the prize money while Mark Ivanescu was held scoreless.

Section B:  Daniel Zhang and Adrian tied with 2 points each and split the prize money while Ron Offengenden and Paul Le tied for third with 1 point each.

Section C:  James Windram and Andrey Kovac each scored 2 points and split the prize money while Jamie Starkand Lawrence Wang got 1 point each to tie for third.

Section D:  Steven Walter and Justin Wang each registered 2.5 points to share the prize money while Garrick Johnson got 1 victory for third and Nathan Thunder was shut-out.

Section E:  After a three-way tiebreak, Justin Ge got the first place trophy while Aaron Zhu took the silver medal and Huatong Zhang captured bronze. Ross Williams was held scoreless.

Section F:  Devin MacDougall captured the first place trophy with 3.5 points.  Silver medal went to Daniel Wang (2.5 score) and bronze to David Windram (2.0). Hanul Kim Banh and Timothy Nguyen tied for fourth with 1 point each.

Section G:  Noah Mok and Zachary Ponger tied with 4 points each but Noah won the tiebreak game to take the trophy with silver medal going to Zachary. Malim Ibrahim captured third with 2.5 points.  Melody Wang was fourth with 2 points while Edwin Zhu finished fifth with 1.5 and Michelle Enkhtaivan was sixth with 1 point.

Results of Roving ChessNuts

Grade Championships

Held June 3, 2018 at Greenfield Hall, Edmonton

Grade 1:  Champ Scott Tang, Runner-up Jerry Nie,

                3rd Aiden Lee

Grade 2:  Champ Arthithan Mrallidaran,

                Runner-up Patrick Wang, 3rd Glenn Bi

Grade 3 Open: Champ Anu Purevjamts,

              Runner-up Toby Li, 3rd Brody Wallebeck

Grade 3 Reserve:  Champ Kai Riley,

              Runner-up Carter Stokes, 3rd Own Lee

Grade 4 Open:  Champ Ryan Chen, Runner-up Eric Jin,

                          3rd Max Pankewitz

Grade 4 Reserve:  Champ Andrew Wang,

                               Runner-up Alex Que, 3rd Zidong Liu

Grade 5 Open:  Champ Michelle Enkhtaivan,

                          Runner-up Jason Pan, 3rd Trustan Leeuw

Grade 5 Reserve:  Champ Ben Zhu, Runner-up Matei Lupu,

                               3rd Meshach Emke

Grade 6:  ChampSam Hoekman, Runner-up Andrew Xiao,

                3rd Cindy Wu

Grade 7:  ChampPascal LaCroix,

                Runner-up Garrick Johnson, 3rd Tetyana Shelevach

Grade 8:  ChampNathan Thunder, Runner-Up Ethan Powney

Grade 9:  Champ Elon Wang, Runner-up Alex Wang,

                3rd Nishan Abulike

Event directed Derek Thomas, Bruce Thomas, Prayus Shretha and Patricia Thomas


Full Results of all participants and photos

will appear in June/July Chess Teasers newsletters

Scholastic 2015 Super Tournament at Roving ChessNuts

With the exception of a few games to be played, this tournament is completed in regards to determining top three players in each sections.  Cash prizes and trophies were distributed at December 20 Christmas Tournament.

Pro Section Players and their scores:

Standings determined by percentage -

Updated after session at Roving ChessNuts on December 5, 2015:

1.Matthew Zita, 1795 - 8.0/10

2. Karlo Gasparac, 1622 - 7.5/10

3. Andi Superceanu, 1619 - 6.0/9

4. Adrian Kovac, 1326 -  3.0/10

5. Daniel Zhang, 1315 - 2.5/9

6. Ron Offengenden, 1337 - 1.0/8             

Amateur Section Player and their scores:

1.Brendan Tan, 1199 - 7.5/10

2. Steven Walter, 1084 - 6.0/10

2. Andrey Kovac, 1076 - 6.0/10

4. James Windram, 982  - 4.5/10

5. Dustin Zhang, 1095 - 3.5/10

6. Nathan Thunder, 875 - 2.5/10

CONGRATULATIONS TO Brendan Tan and Matthew Zita for respectively winning the Amateur and Pro Sections of the first Scholastic Super Tournament! 


Results of Tournaments and Activity Reports

prior to September 2016

Thanks to those who attended the final chess camps of the summer at The Roving ChessNuts.   A lot of chess was played by the participants, along with developing their skills and also participating in some fun and fitness activities.  In the first camp reports, congratulations to Nathan Thunder for getting five wins and one draw in his six games, followed by Jaden Kenndy getting three wins and two draws in his six games.  Stefan Zelko of Grande Prairie led the field of players involved in another rating report - he scored 8.5 out of 10 in his games and raised his Chess'n Math rating by over 200 points.  Congrats to Aaron Zhu for getting a perfect score by winning all his games in one session of rated games.  Jacky Xie was new to tournament chess and rated games, but he did well and also proved that he was physically fit with some of the top times in the outdoor shuttle runs.   

Tuesday - Thursday summer evening sessions:  Congrats to Nathan Thunder and Sam Hoekman for each winning a competitive medal for their rated-game successes during the sessions.   Also a special note about Sam and his buddy Nathan Rao-Maillet, another Roving ChessNuts student.  These chess enthusiasts have been helping The Roving ChessNuts' attempt to teach proper chess playing to as many people as possible. At a neighbourhood playground this summer, the boys have been teaching younger children the basic skills of the game.

CANADA DAY CHESS - Thanks to all who stopped by the chess promotions at Millwoods Canada Day festivities as well as the front steps of Edmonton City Hall. Loren had over 80 people playing casual chess at city hall during the July 1 afternoon.  Chess was competing with the city hall wading pool, so often there were wet kids taking a break for some chess moves.  Meanwhile, at Millwoods Park, Bruce and Derek had 10 boards in action all afternoon and an estimated 200-plus persons took part - many being given lessons when it was discovered they really did not know how to play properly.

Final Rating Reports for the 2015/16 school year for Roving ChessNuts scholastic classes and other classes:  At Stratford School's Tuesday's class, the girls led the rating report as Jasmyn Lobo, Victoria Stefanov and Syenne Ko won 60% or more of their games. Congratulations to  brothers Dustin and Daniel Zhang for being at the top of the Saturday Knights classes rating report with the highest scores - Dustin won all six of his games while Daniel scored 3.5 in five games.  Behind them with three points each were Ethan Chin, Alex Wang, Andrew Xiao and Zander Maddigan.

End of School Year Hotdog Tournament June 25 at Roving ChessNuts
Cash Prize Section - Over 750 rating (prize winners in bold)
First Overall - Mark Ivanescu, 3.0;  Second Overall - Olga Cadenillas, 2.0
Third Overall - Dustin Zhang, 1.5; Fourth (Top under 1200 prize) - Aaron Zhu, 1.0  Fifth - Noah Mok, 0.5.
Trophy and Medals Section - Under 750 rating
1st. Samuel Hoekman, 4.0; Tied for 2nd thru 4th Paul Viloria, Zia Kuruvilla
and Jacob Gilbert, 2.0 each; 5th Elizabeth Kogan, 0.0.
Door Prizes won by Aaron, Jacob, Olga and Noah.  Tournament directed by
Derek Thomas and Bruce Thomas.

Sunday, June 12, held at Roving ChessNuts
Section B: 1. Noah Mok, 4; 2. Peyton Hicks, 3, Nikoloz Pkhovelishvili, 1; 4. Izak Kehler.
Section C: 1. Nathan Rao-Maillet, 2.5, 2. Zia Kuruvilla, 1.5, 3.  Aiden Kehler, 1.0.
Section D: 1. Paulo Viloria, 3.5; 2. Jackson Hicks, 2;  3. Elizabeth Kogan, 0.5.
Tournament directed by Bruce Thomas.  Door prizes of Full-Day Summer Chess Camps were won by Paulo, Jackson and Elizabeth. Book prizes won by Peyton, Noah and Aiden.

Highlights of recent school program rating reports posted by the Chess'n Math Association, Canada's largests scholastic chess organization, show keen students are trying to hardest to improve their skills and reach higher ratings and competitive levels.
At the Roving ChessNuts' Mosiac Education Chess Class held at Nebula Academy, 13 young beginning players all earned their first ratings with Dogan Altunt topping the rating report with three wins in four games, followed by Tarik Koban who had a 2.5/4 score.  At Londonderry Junior High School chess program for math classes, Kaixin Wang, an already high-rated competitive player for years, got a perfect 4/4, in his Grade 7 class which had a total of 35 students learning chess.  Classmate Dylan Bundred also got 4/4 in his games during the final classes of this school year.    In the Saturday Knights program, 27 players had their Spring #2 games rated and Dustin Zhang headed the rating report with four victories out of five games.  Justin Ge increased his rating by also getting four wins in seven games.   Five new players ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 4, received their first-ever chess rating - congrats to Leif, Ada, Benson, Tristan and Alexander.

2016 Canadian Chess Challenge:   
In the final battle for third place at the Canadian Challenge, B.C. has beaten Alberta, 9.5-2.5 in the final round, 7-6 in match points and scores (out of a possible 120) were 83.5 for B.C. and 58.5 for Alberta.   Ontario and Quebec tied 6-6 in their match, but Ontario scored 95.5 while Quebec scored 90.  Host province Saskatchewan ended up in fifth with 4.5 match points, followed by Manitoba, 4; Newfoundland/Labrador, 3; New Brunswick, 2.5; Nova Scotia, 1.0; and Prince Edward Island, 0.0.
Final results of Alberta Players:
Grade 1 Colton Rostoker, 4 points, 6th place;
Grade 2 Anand Chandra, 5.5, tied for 4th;

Grade 3 Vishruth Sharma, 7, 3rd
Grade 4 Paul Wang, 6, 4th;

Grade 5 Andi Superceanu, 5, 4th;
Grade 6 Ian Zhao, 6 in tiebreak with 2 others for 3rd;
Grade 7 Andrew Xu, 4, 7th;
Grade 8 Jeff Wang, 6.5 in tiebreak with one other for 3rd;
Grade 9 Chenxi Wu, 5, 4th; 

Grade 10 Ralph Libre, 1.5, 10th;
Grade 11 Diwen Shi, 6, 4th;

Grade 12 David McCullough, 2, 8th.

2015/16 Elementary School Team Championships attracted 13 teams

from nine schools plus three open sections of non-affiliated

and spares for involved school teams
Division 1 of Highest-Rated-by-Average Teams:  1061 to 1256 average ratings
1st Meyonohk:  Brendan Tan, Alexander Tan, Daniel Zhang - 3.5 pts.
2nd Grandview: Julian Lau, Christopher Bai, Eric Qiu - 3.0 pts.
3rd McKernan:  Ron Offengenden, James Windram, Garrick Johnson - 2.5 pts.
Division 2 of Second Highest-Rated-by-Average:  673 to 889 average ratings
1st. Windsor Park: Aaron Zhu, Max Pankewitz, Eric Jin - 6.5 pts.
2nd Greenview: Peyton Hicks, Jaden Kennedy, Izak Kehler - 5.5 pts.
Tied 3-4 GP Nicholson: Huatong Zhang, Jason Wang, Michelle Enkhtaivan - 3
Tied 3-3 Meyonohk: Dustin Zhang, Albert Zhang, Haywood Huang - 3 pts.
Division 3 of Third Highest-Rated-by-Average:  454 to 639 average ratings
1st McKernan: Nathan Rao-Maillet, Samuel Hoekman, James Dyer - 12.5 pts.
2nd Stratford:  Pranav Sabapathy, Jasmyn Lobo, Matei Lupu - 9 pts.                    3rd Earl Buxton: Veselin Panayotov, Lue Chen, Jerry Qiu - 7.5 pts.
4th Grandview: Ross Williams, Piper Williams, Dehai Yu - 7 pts.
5th GP Nicholson: Hanul KimBanh, Timothy Nguyen, Freya Abram - 6 pts.
6th Frere Antoine: Miguel Johnson, Carter Doucette, Parker Beaupre - 4 pts. 
Open Sections:
Section A:  1. Nickoloz Pkhovelishvili, 5.0; 2. Harrison Doyle,4.0; 3. Toby Li, 3.0; 4. Ryan Chen, 2.0; 5. Aiden Kehler, 1.0; 6. Norman Salken, 0.0
Section B:  1. Zia Kuruvilla, 3.5; 2. Georgy Panayotov, 3.0; 3. Max Holden, 1.5;
Tied 4-5: Fiona Liu and Paulo Viloria, 1.0 each
Section C:  1. Vasily Melnikov, 2.5; 2. Owen Pankewitz, 2.0; 3. Elisabeth Kogan, 1.5; Gabriel Qian, 0.0.
This event was held at Greenfield Community Hall where the informal chess area between games consisted of outdoor chess tables and a playground!  A few players had to be lured from the playground for their next round of play.  There was also a busy snack concession including hot dogs.  Directing the event were Bruce Thomas, Derek Thomas and Carla Robitu.  The event was made possible by the help at the venue and the support of many players' parents.

Results for Mother's Day (May 8, 2016) Mini-Tournament

at Roving ChessNuts.
Section A:   1. Andi Superceanu, 2.5; 2. David McCullough, 1.5;
                    Tied 3-4.  Karlos Gasparac and Matthew Zita, 1.0 each.
Section B:   1. Carla Robitu on tiebreak, 3.0; 2. Dustin Zhang lost tiebreak, 2.0;
                     3. Daniel Zhang, 1.5; 4. Christopher Bai, 0.5.
Section C:   1. Noah Mok, 3.0; 2. Eric Qiu, 2.0; 3. Eric Jin on tiebreak 1.5;
                     4. David Woychuk lost tiebreak, 0.5.
Section D:   1. Jason Wang, 4.0; 2. Tobi Li, 3.5; Tied 3-4 Jaden Kennedy and
                      Rao-Maillet, 3.0 each; 5.  Paulo Viloria, 1.5; and 6. Vesily Melnikov, 0.0.
All players got a yellow rose to take home to Mom.  Carla Robitu also got a yellow rose for being the only female in the event plus  she won the biggest box of chocolates to share with Mom.  Also winning smaller boxes of chocolates were David Woychuk, Andi Superceanu and Jaden Kennedy.   Thanks to parent Eili Viloria for providing outside supervision.  Directed by Bruce Thomas.

Commando Chess was great - the weather was not!

Proving how tough they were on Sunday morning at Borden Park in Edmonton were  14 male scholastic players and one lone Queen of Chess Commandos, Aywen Ko.  In the male division of chess battles and physical challenges  involving jumping, lots of running, medicine ball  toss and obstacle course, Christopher Bai proved  the toughest, getting second place in his chess section and first in his Gold Squad's physical challenges.  Bai's combined score of 8.0 points gave him the overall title of Top Chess Commando and a promotion to a higher rank than Commando Private!
Right behind Bai were Daniel Zhang and Nikoloz Pkhovelishvili who got combined scores of 7.5 points each.  Zhang was third in his chess section, but like Bai got a perfect score in his Blue Squad physical endeavors.  Pkhovelishvili got the maximum 5 points in his Red Squad physical challenges.  Getting the fourth place overall Commando award was James Windram who was first in Section A Chess and second in Blue Squad's physical, totalling 7.0 points.
Other award winners for their chess prowess are Veselin Panayotov, Wren Oswald and David Woychuk while in the physical challenges Green Squad's Eric Qui earned an award.
Aywen Ko gets special recognition for being the only female Commando, plus she was second in her Green Squad's physical and second in her chess section.
There were no serious casualties during the Commando Chess event which was played outside and started while it was about plus one degree C., windy and raining with a little bit of snow mixed in.  Some Commandos had to be heated in vehicles to avoid hypothermia and others were seen shivering while at their chess boards.  All went home to thaw out and change wet footwear, but seemed to agree that it was a great mental and physical challenge!

Congratulations to the players who topped their school and class programs with the most victories in rated games in April rating reports:

Zander Bungay of Frere Antoine, Veselin Panayotov of Greenfield Hall class, David Woychuk of Westglen,  Zidong Liu and Arwen Thang of Meyonohk, Zachary Pongar of McKernan, Connor Mudry and Jamie Davis of Glen Allan, Connor Doucette of Greenview, Brendan Tan of Saturday Knights Classes, Christopher Bai of Grandview Heights, Nikoloz Pkhovelishvili and Haywood Huang at Roving ChessNuts April Training Tournament, Huatong Zhang, Anushka Ahmed, Timothy Nguyen and Timothy Yu of G.P. Nicholson Thursday Class, Jason Shen of G.P. Nicholson Friday Class.  These players and others are progressing in their chess skills!

Congratulations to: Andi Superceanu of Edmonton for winning the Grade 5 Provincial Championship at the Alberta Chess Challenge held Saturday in Red Deer.  Andi who was Grade 2 champ has been battling Julian Lau of Edmonton and while Julian took the title in Grades 3 and 4, Andi came to the top this year.  Also winning a provincial title was David McCullough, Grade 12, of Sherwood Park.  David has represented Alberta several times during his school years at the Canadian Chess Challenge.  Andi and David will be playing in this year's Chess Challenge which is being hosted in Regina in May.

The Southside Pizza Checkmate Tournament, combined with an Easter Monday Egg Hunt went very well at Greenfield Community Hall. The two highest-rated players, both having been provincial grade level champs, battled each other for a small cash prize.  Matthew Zita took the prized with a 1.5-0.5 score over Mark Ivanescu in Section A.
Other results were:
Section B: Gold: Nathan Thunder, 4.0; Paul Le, Runner-Up Gold on tiebreak, 3.0 + 2;  Jamie Stark, Runner-up Silver on tiebreak, 3.0 + 1.0;  Huatong Zhang, Runner-up Bronze on tiebreak, 3.0 +1; 5. Connor Mudry, 3,0; 6 Christopher Bai, 0.0.
Section C: Gold: Lavanya Jain, 4.5; Silver: Noah Mok, 4.0; Bronze: Cainwyn Clark, 2,5; 4. on tiebreak Aywen Ko, 2.0+; 5. David Woychuk, 2.0-; 6. Caspian Rebalkin, 0.0.
Section D: Gold: Jason Wang, 4.5; Silver: Vessy Panayotov, 3.5; Bronze: Aike Siraki on tiebreak, 3.0+; 4. Ross Williams, 3.0-; 5. Timothy Ngyugen, 1.0; and 6.   Max Holden, 0.0.
Section E: Gold: Ryan Chen, 5.0; Silver tied: Michelle Enkhtaivan and Pranavan Mahendran, 2.5 each; 4. Toby Li, 2.0; 5. tied:  Faiz Chatur and Josh Goulet, 1.5 each.
Girls Section F: Gold: Syenne Ko, 5.0; Silver: Rachel Shi, 3.0; Bronze: Piper Williams, 2.5; 4. Ainsley Clark, 2.0; 5. Grace Bellow, 1.5; 6. Natalie Ignatiuk, 1.0.
Section G: Gold: Jacob O'Brien, 2.0; Silver on tiebreak: Jerry Qia, 1.5+; 3. on tiebreak: Georgy Panayotov, 1.5-; 4. Paulo  Viloria, 1.0.
Section H: Gold: Cameron Spence, 2.5; Silver:  Matei Lupu, 2.0; 3. Evan Smith, 1.0; 4. Vasily Melnikov, 0.5.
This Roving ChessNuts event was directed by Derek Thomas, Bruce Thomas and Christian Ivanescu.  Many thanks to the supportive parents who helped with set-up, egg hunt, the pizza meal and clean-up.  Many helping hands made this event a lot of fun as well as a learning experience for many of the entrants who are just getting started in their chess development.

Roving ChessNuts Chess Camps on March 31, 2016 were great.

Besides lots of chess learning and playing, there was even a belated Easter egg hunt in the afternoon.
Congratulations to Lavanya Jain and Nathan Thunder for being victorious in 100% of their games (obviously they didn't get a chance to play each other), and the following players for winning 50% or more of their games: Kyle Pitsaroop,  Paulo Viloria, Josh Goulet and Wynton Chomay.

Giant School Team Match:  See the March 25, 2016 Chess Teasers newsletter for complete team and individual results.  The tournament should be rated by Chess'n Math Association during spring break.  But here is the confirmed listing of school team placements:
Section A:  1. McKernan, 7.0; 2. Meyonohk, 5.0; 3. Stratford, 4.5; 4. Windsor Park, 1.5.
Section B:  1. Greenview; 1st runners-up Westglen and McKernan; 2nd runners-up Glen Allan and Stratford; 6. Windsor Park; 7. G.P. Nicholson; 8. Grandview Heights; 9. Meyonohk.
Section C:  1. Stratford; 2. Earl Buxton; 1st Runners-up Greenview and Windsor Park; 5. Frere Antoine; 6. G.P. Nicholson; 7. Mill Haven; 8. Meyonohk.
Presentation of school trophies and some special presentations related to the Giant School Match will be made at school programs following spring break.

Training tournament at Roving ChessNuts on March 6 was a big success with 15 mainly first-time-ever beginning chess players getting a chance to get a taste of competition before they represent their schools at the Giant School Team Match on March 13.  Hosted by The Roving ChessNuts, the event saw Christopher Bai of Grandview Heights School winning A section; Syenne Ko of Stratford School and Ryan Chen of Windsor Park School tied for gold in B section; and Rogan Eskow of Glen Allan School in Sherwood Park was tops in C section.  Besides the competitive play, lessons and coaching tips were given all Sunday afternoon.