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Our Mission
To aid and improve the development of logical and strategic thinking skills in Alberta's youth.

Why Chess?
Chess is a game of perfect information, nothing happens due to luck or random chance. The player is presented with all the information they need to make a decision. Every move the player must process the information they are given in a logical manner and come up with the most strategic solution to the problem. Often times this requires planning many moves in advance.

A single game of chess is comparable to solving dozens or even hundreds of logical problems. Repeated training of the brain in solving logical problems aids students in their real life problem-solving and planning skills. Not only does chess have these educational benefits, it is also a fun and competitive game which keeps students engaged and eager to learn.

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Results of Welcome Spring Tournament, March 19 at Greenfield Hall 

Each Section was battling for a first-place trophy and runners-up gold, silver and bronze medals.   See March 20 Chess Teasers for photos

Section A:  1. Ron Offengenden, James Windram and Nathan Thunder tied for first place

     with with 2.0 points each; 4. Christopher Bai, 0.0.

Section B:  1. Alex Wang won on tiebreak with a total of 3.5 points; 2. Alex Han with

     tiebreak draws scored 3.0; 3. Huatong Zhang with tiebreak scored 2.5; 3.

     4. Paris Dorn, 0.0. 

Section C:  1. Garrick Johnson with perfect 3.0; 2 - 4 tied: Hastings Radbourne,

      Ethan Chin and Nick Pkhovelishvili with 1.0 each.

Section D:  1. Andrew Xiao on tiebreak with 3.0; 2. Max Pankewitz lost tiebreak, 2.0;

     3 -4. Sam Hoekman and Nathan Rao-Mailet , 1.0 each.

Section E:  1. Pranavan Mahendran on tiebreak with 3.0; 2. Daniel Wang lost tiebreak, 

      2.0;  3. Max Serikov on tiebreak, 2.0; 4. Haywood Huang lost tiebreak, 1.0.

Section F:  1. Rogan Eskow, 3.0; 2. Eric Jin, 2.0; 3. Nolan Putz, 1.0;

      4. Anu Purevjamts, 0.0. 

Section G:  1. Michelle Enkhtaivan on tiebreak, 3.0;  2. Cheng Hua lost tiebreak, 2.0;

     3. Tobi Li on tiebreak, 2.0;  4. Mark Jorgenson, lost tiebreak, 1.0.

Section H:  1. Terri Li, perfect score 3.0; 2. Leo Li 2.0; 3. Vasily Melnikov, 1.0;

     4. Melody Wang, 0.0.   

Section I:   1. Carter Brinkman, 3.0; 2. Caleb Menard; 3. Jotis Kung, 1.0;

     4. Viktor Merritt, 0.0.

Section J:  1. Zidong Liu, 3.0; 2. Mehlysa Cetinkaya, 1.5;  3, Owen Pankewitz, 1.0;

     4. Matei Lupu, 0.5.       

Section K:  1. Brianna Dayman, 2.5; 2. Anya Haas-Hollenback, 2,0;

     3. Liam Chalifoux, 1.0; 4. Andrew Guo, 0.5.

Section L:  1. Ella Sharples with perfect score 4.0; 2-3. Alexander Melnikov and Martin

     Lee,  2.0 each; 4. Johthymius Kung, 1.5; 5. Nathan York, 0.5. 

Section M:  1. Arthur Jiang, 2.5; 2. Isabelle Der, 2.0, 3. Marina Lalic,  1.0;

     4. Leo Wang, 0.5. 

Section N:  1. Owen Lee, 3.0;  2. Shreyas Prasanna, 2.0; 3. Ryan Atkinson,1.0;

      4. Aysu Centinkaya, 0.0. 

Section O:  1. William Gao, 2.5; 2. Armaan Patel, 1.5 3-4 Jack Putz and Liam Cerbas

      with 1.0 each.

This event was organized by The Roving ChessNuts and directed by Bruce Thomas, Derek
Thomas and Prayus Sherestha.  Watch for photos and more details in Chess Teasers.

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The Roving ChessNuts, founded

in 2001, teaches chess in schools,

community halls, and its own training facilities in Edmonton and other Alberta communities.

The ChessNuts also organize chess tournaments and events .

The Roving ChessNuts are

involved with the national

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News Archives

Thunder wins training tournament:  A small tournament at The Roving ChessNuts on March 5 was won by Nathan Thunder on tiebreaks while Garrick Johnson and Nick Pkhovelishvili tied for second/third and Noah Mok finished fourth.

Section A:  1. James Windram, 2, Paul Le, 3. Alex Wang, 4. Aaron Zhu
Section B:  1.Christopher Bai, 2. Alex Han, 3. Huatong Zhang,  4. Sam Hoekman
Section C:  1. Nick Pkhovelishvili, 2. Eric Qiu, 3. Zachary Prongar, 4. Max Pankewitz
Section D:  1. Ethan Chin, 2. Nathan Rao-Maillett, 3. Nolan Putz,
     4. Aike Siraki, 5. Ryan Chen, 6. Jason Shen
Section E:  1. Haywood Huang, 2. Pranavan Mahendran,
     4-way tie for 3. Cheng Hua, Michelle Enkhtaivan, Terry Li, Simon Cui
Section F:  1. Anu Purevjamts, 2. Vasily Melnikov, 3. Caleb Menard,
     4. Matei Lupu, 5. Ella Sharples, 6. Isaac Hsung
Section G: 1. Leo Li, 2. Arwen Thang, 3. Owen Pankewitz,
     4. Liam Chalifoux, Tied 5-6 Armaan Josan, Jack Putz
Section H: 1. Gabriel Toyhacao, 2. Alexa Stewart, 3. Isabelle Der,
     4. Aikam Josan, 5. Alex Qu
Section I:  1. Leo Wang, 2. Dana Lee, 3. Ryan Atkinson, 4. Ariel Thang,
     5. William Gao, 6. Anureet Josan, 7. Gerry Liu

Tournament was organized and directed by Roving ChessNuts.  Officiating were

Derek Thomas, Prayus Shrestha and Bruce Thomas

Special congratulations for achieving top results and highest chess rating ever as a result of Super Sweet performances on February 12:  James Windram earned 68 rating points and went over 1200 for first time; he has played a total of 172 games rated by Chess'n Math Association. Paul Le also went over 1200.  Christopher Bai climbed to 1090 his highest rating.  Ethan Chin is rising quickly, having played only 43 games, he gained 120 points and is now over 900.  Nathan Rao-Maillet is now at his highest rating after 112 competitive games. Haywood Huang and Pranavan Mahendran both passed the 700 mark; Huang gained 86 points.  Anu Purevjamts was the top female in regards to both winning a sectional trophy and gaining the most rating points (98) among the 9 girls in the event.  Vasily Melnikov conquered the 600 rating mark by gaining 48 points.  Leo Li not only got a perfect score but also a gain of 138 rating points at his first tournament!

​​School Team Tournament and Individual Round Robins
Sunday Afternoon, January 29    Competing teams and their finishing place:
Section A:
1st:  Meyonohk A Team:  Brendan Tan, Alexander Tan, Haywood Huang
2nd: Earl Buxton A:  Dustin Zhang, Alex Han, Andrew Xiao, Veselin Panayotov, Georgy Panayotov
3rd: Windsor Park A:  Aaron Zhu, Max Pankewitz, Ryan Chen, Daniel Wang
4th: G.P. Nicholson A: Jason Shen, Pranavan Mahendran, Michelle Enkhtaivan, Freya Abrams
5th: Stratford A: Andi Superceanu, Lisa Kogan, Albert Zhu, Arthur Jiang
Section B:
1st: Meyonohk B Team: Brianna Dayman, Martin Lee, Jotis Kung, Owen Lee, Jothymus Kung
2nd: Windsor Park B: Melody Wang, Vasily Melinkov, Owen Pankewitz
3rd: G.P. Nicholson B: Evan Spyracopoulos, Anu Purevjamts, John Abrams,     
 Jie Xu, Ian Webb, Kyle Floden
4th: Frere Antoine B:  Brody Wallebeck, Keithlan O'Brien, Ryan Atkinson
Elementary Round Robins:
Section A: 1. Noah Mok, 2. Sam Hoekman, 3. Nick Pkhovelishvili, 4. Nathan Rao-Maillet
Section B: 1. Simon Cui, 2. Aike Siraki, 3, Jacob Langill, 4. Thorfinn Campbell
Section C: 1. Jack Langill, 2. Leo Wang, 3. Leif Campbell
Junior High Section: 1. Daniel Zhang, 2. Siddhartha Chitrakar, 3. Alex Wang,
     4. Nathan Thunder, 5. Jeff Yu

End of 2016 Scholastic Tournaments December 31 at Roving ChessNuts
Results of the Morning Tournament
Section A: Nathan Thunder, 5.5; Alex Wang, 3.0;  Nick Pkhovelishvili, 2.0; 
     Sam Hoekman, 1.5.
Section B: Hastings Radbourne, 4.5; Paris Dorn, 4.0; Noah Mok, 2.5,
     Jaden Kennedy, 1.0 .
Section C: Jason Shen, 6.0; Terry Li, 3.5; Thorfinn Campbell, 2.0;
     Jayden Connell, 0.5
Section D: Vasily Melnikov, 2.0;  Jie Xu, 1.0; Alexander Melnikov, 0.0

Results of the Afternoon Tournament after pizza was devoured
Section A: James Windram, 3.0 on tiebreak; Paul Le, 2.0 after tiebreak;
     Aaron Zhu, 2.0 on tiebreak; Nathan Thunder, 1.0 after tiebreak.
Section B: Alex Wang 2.0; Nick Pkhovelishvili, 1.0; Paris Dorn, 0.0.
Section C: Sam Hoekman, 5.5; Maxim Serikov, 2.5 but won tiebreaks;
     Tied: Jason Shen and Terry Li, 2.5 but lost tiebreaks.
Section D: Andrew Xiao, 6.0; Pranavan Mahendran, 4.0;
     Jacob O'Brien, 1.0; Taylor Henning, 0.0

Congratulations to the following December 11 Holiday Tournament players who gained rating points - some won awards for their scores, others placed out of the awards but managed to raise their national scholastic rating:
Mark Ivanescu, Paul Le, Dustin Zhang, James Windram, Huatong Zhang, Aaron Zhu,
Alex Han, Nick Pkhovelishvili, Noah Mok, Alex Wang, Luke Siewert, Ethan Chin,
Nathan Rao-Maillet,  Max Pankewitz, Veselin Panayotov, Daniel Wang, Joyce Lin
Toby Li, Matthew Ivanescu, Rogan Eskow, Jason Wang, Pranavan Mahendran,
Nolan Putz, Melody Wang, Dehai Yu, Lue Chen, Terry Li, Georgy Panayotov,
Connor Dong, Jotis Kung, Brian Han, Carter Stokes, Martin Lee, Mark Jorgensen,
Owen Pankewitz, William Gao, Eric Xu, Alexander Schlander and Benjamin Tombley.
Of the 70 players in the event, 39 managed to raise their ratings by a few or a lot of points!

Congratulations to the sectional winners of the Remembrance Day Afternoon Scholastic Chess Tournament at Edmonton's Greenfield Hall.  Over 60 players, Grades K to 10 participated, including students from Grande Prairie and Sherwood Park.   Sectional winners (A through I) were :  Andi Superceanu, Huatong Zhang, Alex Han, Nick Pkhovelishvili, Maxim Serikov, Andrew Xiao, Joyce Lin, Cheng Hua, Carter Brinkman and Brody Walleback.               FULL RESULTS AND PHOTOS

Roving ChessNuts Tournament Results
Saturday afternoon, October 22
Section A: 1st overall - Steven Walter, 5.0; 2d. Nathan Thunder, 4.0;

Huatong Zhang, 2.0;
1st overall lower section of A - Noah Mok, 2.0; 2nd. Nick Pkhovelishvila, 2.0;
6th. Samuel Hoekman, 0.0.
Section B:
1st. - Eric Qiu, 4.0; 2nd on Tiebreak, Jacky Kuang, 3.5; 3rd. Joyce Lin, 2.5;

4th. Brody Wallebeck, 0.0
Chess Medals and Subway gift cards were awarded as prizes.
Two Draw Prizes of Subway gift cards were won by Noah and Joyce
Tournament was directed by Bruce Thomas and Derek Thomas
Snacks provided by Roving ChessNuts

Greenfield Hall Evening Tournament on October 12, 2016
Although there were shorter time controls and back-to-back games for many participants, the good news was that even the less experienced players took their time and played better chess as they focused on the experimental school-night scholastic tournament at Greenfield Hall.  The bad news was that time did run out and some sections will see further games for tiebreak purposes.
Known results after the tournament ended about 7:45 p.m.: 
Section A:  Roving ChessNuts Junior Instructor Prayus Shrestha was by far the highest rated player and was undefeated, but graciously declined to be counted among the prize winners. Therefore, Paul Le took first place cash prize while Sam Hoekman and Nick Pkhovelishvili  will meet across the board in the near future to determine if they will split the second prize.
Section B:  Alex Han won his third consecutive tournament with three wins while Jaden Kennedy was second with 2 points.  Eric Qiu and Veselin Panayotov, finished third and fourth with respective scores of 1 and 0.
Section C:  Nathan Rao-Milliet beat Maxim Serikov in a blitz tiebreak game to claim the trophy; each had scored 3 points in the regular games. Toby Li,
Timothy Nguyen, Michelle Enkhtaivan and Miguel Johnson tied for third place with one victory each.
Section D:  Time ran out for this section to be completed, results of later finishing results will be in the news section.

Section A played for cash prizes in a round robin:
1. Mark Ivanescu, 3.0;
Tied and splitting 2nd cash prize: Olga Cadenilla, Aaron Zhu, Garrick Johnson, 1.0 each.
Section B played a round-robin and there was a 3-player tiebreak for trophy & medal:
1. Sam Hoekman,  4.0; 2. Nick Pkhovelishvili, 3.0; 3. Jaden Kennedy,  2.0;
4. Zachary Pongar , 0.0.
Section C played a double round-robin for trophy and runner-up medal:

1. Alex Han,  6.0;  2. Matthew Ivanescu, 4.0; 3. Zia Kuruvilla, 2.0; 4. Paulo Viloria, 0.0.
Draw prizes of books and tournament/classes vouchers were Jaden, Olga & Nick.
Tournament was directed by Bruce and Derek Thomas and held at The Roving ChessNuts.

RESULTS: Back to School Mini-Tournament on Sunday, September 11
at the Roving ChessNuts Training Facility, 12019 76 Street, Edmonton
Section A: 1. Ron Offengenden, Tied for Silver: Nathan Thunder and Aaron Zhu               
Section B: 1. Alex Wang, 2. Nick Pkhovelishvili, 3. Maxim Serikov, 4.  Andrew Xiao
Section C: 1. Alex Han, 2. Jacky Kuang, Tied 3-4: Daniel Chernihovsky and Zia Kuruvilla
Draw Prize winners of class/tournament vouchers, chocolates and book:
Nathan, Zia, Ron, Maxim and Andrew.

Tournament directed by Derek Thomas

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